1. Army Of Stars


Under an army of stars
Stars you have called by name
I wrestle to worship
I struggle to obey

But under this army of stars
Stars that shine to obey
I’ll wrestle all night
To hear you call me my name

All alone in the dead of night
I’m looking at a 12 round fight
Just you and me...no plan B

Round and round the fight goes on
We wrestle ‘til the break of dawn
You cannot leave ‘til you change me

You alone have the words of life
Even when they cut like a knife
No where to go...I will follow

Obeying you beneath the stars
Comes with a guarantee of scars
From the inside out...leave no doubt...

From this night I’ll always remember
Never to quit but always surrender....

Here I am
Underneath the stars
I bring to you the questions
that trouble my heart
It may take all night
But that’s all right
It’s worth the fight

Holy is the Lord
I bow down and kiss the Son